PlayerLink Installation

Installation of PlayerLink and EventLink is designed to be as straightforward as possible, without any major configuration steps.

Note: Instructions are for PlayerLink v.1.2 or greater.


  1. Download PlayerLink from the Event Extensions page.
  2. Unzip all files.
  3. Open “include/ee_instancevars.php” and modify the values on this page to match your website’s theme.
    • If you are using EventLink, you may want to update the admin panel’s PIN. This is located in “include/iframe_settings.php”.
  4. Rename the PlayerLink folder to the directory name you want PlayerLink to be under.
  5. Drop the PlayerLink folder onto your web server.
  6. Test.
  7. Customize files as appropriate for your event or website.


There are several pieces of customizations which I highly recommend making with any implementation of PlayerLink:

  • Update the banner to fit your event’s theme. You may want to go further and add a light background to the page as a whole, which you can do by defining a new CSS rule.
  • Change the color scheme of your pairings/standings by modifying the “@playerlink-table-header” and “@playerlink-table-header-selected” colors in “less/css.less”.

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