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First off, welcome! This page is designed to get you up to speed with everything relevant to Event Extensions, and what comes with it.

What is Event Extensions?

Event Extensions (EE) is a set of utilities, all of which are designed to give alternate methods ways for players to access tournament information. Additionally, it contains tools which allow some events to do things which, in an event solely using DCI Reporter (DCIR) or Wizards Event Reporter (WER), would not be possible.

The lynchpin of EE is RTools: the first-developed application in EE, and the interface between EE and the event itself. For 90% of events, you will solely be using RTools in order to accomplish your needs.

PlayerLink and EventLink are the web components of Event Extensions, giving new methods for players to access information, and for organizers to display information. Their most powerful feature today is to allow for VIPs to be run in a much more flexible way than current technology can handle: by putting the VIPs into a table range rather than under fixed seating. EventLink also allows for displays to be used as information displays, allowing a single screen, running EventLink, to act as a static information display, timer, and pairings screen, along with some combinations of the aforementioned options.

What do I need to do to use Event Extensions?


  • All requirements necessary to run DCIR or WER.
  • Java 1.7 or greater, 32-bit only
    • This download is a little hard to find on Oracle’s website (and is not the default download) This link is the fastest way to reach the 32-bit download – select the “x86 Offline” download.
    • To be 100% sure you are only running 32-bit windows, please uninstall all other versions of Windows. 64-bit Java installations specifically say “64-bit” in Windows’ “Programs and Settings” or “Add/Remove Programs” control panel window.

EventLink / PlayerLink:

  • A web server with the following requirements
    • PHP must be enabled.
    • PHP must be able to load, read, and write to files.

How much does Event Extensions cost?

Event Extensions has no licensing or purchasing cost. Donations are welcome via PayPal at

Where can I get Event Extensions?

The “Event Extensions” link in the navigation has all the links you need.

What else do I need to know?

The following are just notes which I tend to pass on:

  • I would not recommend using RTools Standings for any event larger than an FNM. The reason for this is because DCIR handles standings in one way, and WER calculates the same standings differently; both of these programs calculate standings differently than how the Magic Tournament Rules define them. As a result, RTools’ standings calculations are based on trying to match standings to how each program calculates them. This is made even more difficult, as it appears that WER’s standings algorithm as changed with program updates at least once, thus standings in RTools can become different from WER with no notification.
  • If you are having difficulties launching RTools, try deleting the “settings.ini” file, which is in the same directory as RTools.
    • If you’re not seeing anything, double-check the requirements above and make sure you have the correct Java installation.

What if I need more help?

Email me. I would especially recommend emailing me if you intend on running EventLink at events that would fall under “Grand Prix”- or “Convention”-type events.

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