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…test, test…

So, something killed my wordpress install, and I wasn’t really able to get time together to fix it in any form until today. So, we’re here for the time being while I get more time to re-skin this new install. So, what’s changed since [looks]… …ugh, it’s really been down that long? Oh well… Name […]

RTools 3.1.26 (beta 1) and RTools Deck Builder v.0.1.1

I’m moving RTools to beta as the program is pretty stable at this point, and the networking system may be taking a bit of a different turn. More on that in a second. In addition, I’m moving the “EZ Deck Builder” that I added in 3.1.24/25 and moved it into it’s own separate program. I’m […]

RTools 3.1.25 (alpha 8)

A few small changes since the last update, mostly just taking care of some minor complaints. EPIC’s popup dialogs have been reduced a bit. The advanced menu option is now another menu, which contains the “Enable” option that was there previously, as well as the two popup dialog options, now as checkboxes in the menu. […]

Post-Christmas Update

There hasn’t been any work done to RTools since the last update, so you can consider 3.1.23 as the up-to-date dev version. I’m going to be taking a bit of a shift on this release and release it with just the update to EPIC, and not with the networking update. The networking code is written […]

3.1 Gameplan

3.0 should be out sometime next week, but now’s as good a time as any to start looking at what the 3.0 redesign will breed as we get into the 3.x updates. Remote Operation Remote Operation is simply the ability for RTools to work in a client-server model, allowing one copy to control another on […]

RTools 3.0.12 (alpha 12)

All planned functionality for the 3.0 development has completed with this update. Changes: – FIX: Standings by pod now correctly reset places in new pods, so pod 2 seat 1 will be displayed as 1st in the pod, rather than a larger number. – Bug Reporting menu option added. This takes all the relevant information […]

RTools 3.0.9 (alpha 9)

Recent changes and updates since the last post: – Default color reverted to green (#00FF00) from yellow (#FFFF00). This was a change to make comparing 2.2 to 3.0 differences quicker in the early rebuilding, as well as experimenting with alternates to green. Thanks to Steve Port for some insight on previous experiments with Tournament Board […]

RTools 3.0.6 (alpha 6)

Alpha numbers being increased quickly is definitely a good thing – it means I’m actively testing the program at events, and are fixing things more than creating things. 3.0.6 is out. Changes from the previous update released: -FTP persistent string encoding (the one in settings.ini) adjusted a bit. This should be the last update that […]

RTools 3.0.2 (alpha 2)

Alpha 2 is up, and brings the tools menu back up, along with an updated EPIC system. Two things worth knowing about: EPIC is now a passive system. When the menu option is checked, pressing the pairings button also generates the EPIC file. EPIC now also has an FTP system that you can use to […]

The New Digs

So, I’m just going to give the happy version of the story here. has been hosted for the past couple years on a free(ish) service, and I finally moved over onto a full-fledged provider. This also gave me some easier access to FTP, which gives me the ability to easily move off of blogger.