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March Updates

RTools has been updated to v.3.3.60. It now supports exporting WER tournaments to PlayerLink, and also has new menu options to directly access PlayerLink tools. PlayerLink has been updated to v.1.2.2, and brings with it a new internal structure, better customization, and a more customizable, better EventLink.

January Updates

Today, we’re just focusing on PlayerLink 1.2, as that’s where most of the development has been recently. First off, I was calling the Albuquerque and DFW builds initially as v.1.2, but those were released as a v.1.1.1, as I focused on getting 1.1 features in a more stable form before dealing with the broader changes […]

November Updates

RTools 3 RTools 3.2.59 is now available, bringing with it a few bug fixes and functionality changes. The major fix today revolves around PlayerLink functionality – under a specific set of circumstances, a blank upload file would be generated. This version update also removes the Network Timers. RTools 4 / Event Extensions 1.0 Development here […]

Event Extensions 4, Alpha 4a

V4 of Event Extensions (formerly Event Extensions – RTools, formerly RTools, formerly probably a couple other things…) is at a point where it could theoretically be used at an event, and I am putting it out specifically for people to try out and tell me what breaks. The following is just a changelog off of […]


Status update: Very early alpha builds of EE4 (which only implemented timers) were used at both Grand Prix San Antonio and Grand Prix Denver, bringing with it favorable testing and some good feedback on some of the interface changes. I use EE here instead of RTools because they really are two different 4.0 programs. In […]

Just posting…

I’ve really not touched RTools much in the last few months. The main reason is uncertainty; there just isn’t any reason for me to spend significant time on RTools 4. What I do want to touch on, though, is where RTools 4 was last left off in development: – The database-access systems have been rewritten […]

RTools 3.2.52

RTools 3.2.52 brings with it a small, but important fix, related to the last part of this article on the GP Austin coverage. The issue itself: When we began the deck registration period, we started all four clocks together. The way the networking system works, there is occasionally slight delays between each clock starting, but […]

RTools 3.2.50

This update will be available later tonight, and only have a couple small things: If you push web pairings using WER, RTools will throw a visible error message rather than crash. (the underlying bug is in Java itself, and a workaround has not yet been found) A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) flag will be added […]

RTools 3.2.49

Just a quick update from the 3.2 line, which brings a piece of 4.0 work that I did on the WER access system. WER tournament listings now provide the tournament’s sanctioning number and date. This will fix the event issue which forces you to name each event in a unique way prior to selecting it. […]