RTools and Multiplayer Events

RTools can -technically- handle multiplayer events in a strict sense – the program doesn’t crash, and it displays correct information. The information, however, may not be exactly what you want. So, this is just an FYI on the behavior of the program as of right now, v.1.0.0.

DCI Reporter v3
Luckily, the files that RTools accesses are pretty good for translating 1vs1 to multiplayer events. Pairings show up with each player being placed at their own table number, and their opponents have the same table numbers. So, a team of three players would have a player at table 4, 5, and 6, for example; the opponents would have the same table numbers between their three players.

Note that the “Seat All” currently seats by placing players on a team more or less across from each other. So, a team of three would have two players at one table, then the third player either a table above or below. If you want teams all on one side of the table, just run pairings in the tournament, use the scrolling pairings (ignoring the opponent column) and then just re-pair that round when you do the actual pairings.

Wizards Event Reporter
Unlike v3, WER handles it’s back-end files in a way where they end up being displayed in a very different way: by team wholly instead of by player. So, a pairing and seating will see two teams playing against each other, and the entire team will be at one table. On the scrolling screens, (and on printed pairings via WER, FYI) the pairings will be scrolling by team, defaulting on WER as showing “[Lastname] – [Lastname] – [Lastname]”, a very wide name especially for scrolling pairings.

Be prepared to make size adjustments here so all the pairings aren’t automatically sized and in all sorts of different sizes. Also, it will probably help immensely to slow down the speed (especially in the first round) so that people can find their names correctly and get their pairing right; besides, if you’re doing 2HG or 3-man, you have the added benefit of fitting 2x the number of players on a single line, so it scrolling at 2/3 the speed is still going through all the players faster than if it was a normal non-multiplayer event.