RTools 1.0.0 Release

General Changes:
– Release Version
– RTools >> RTools Lite, RTools+ >> RTools
– “Tournament-Based Colors” added.

Timer Changes:
– When the timer is at 0:00 or displaying negative time, the display will show both red and the chosen color.
– Ability added to display the timer’s title as larger text within the window in addition to displaying in the title.

Bug Fixes:
– (v4) Pairings that involve multiple byes now display correctly.
– (v3) Pod Seating gives seat numbers consistent with what v3 displays. Previous versions displayed the seating in the order the players were listed physically in v3’s Pod Management, not looking at the seat number column.
– (v3) Pairings no longer display pre-registered (but not enrolled) players as having a bye.


Version 1.0.0 adds a couple features which are for events with several tournaments. The main addition is “Tournament-Based Colors”, which modifies how some code interacts in order to individualize individual tournaments as part of an event.

When the option is selected (from the Settings menu), settings for windows are now linked to the name of the tournament, with emphasis in maintaining the color options between windows of an individual tournament. In short, if you change what tournament you are in, the default color will change. If you go back to the first event, you’ll get back the color settings for that event.

Default colors are as follows:
White (FFFFFF)
Grey (888888)
Blue (3333FF)
Light Blue (99FFFF)
Aqua (009999)
Light Aqua (66FFFF)
Green (009900)
Light Green (66FF66)
Purple (990099)
Pink (FF00FF)
Yellow (FF0000)
Orange (FFA500)
Peach (FFAA66)
Brown (885522)

There is also an option added in the Timer to display the name of the title in the window itself, larger and easier for players to read. (and, thereby, link their tournament to a color) With the “Tournament-Based Colors” selected, the timer’s title defaults to the tournament name.