November Updates

RTools 3

RTools 3.2.59 is now available, bringing with it a few bug fixes and functionality changes. The major fix today revolves around PlayerLink functionality – under a specific set of circumstances, a blank upload file would be generated. This version update also removes the Network Timers.

RTools 4 / Event Extensions 1.0

Development here is ongoing slowly, though I’m currently intending on having RT4 being specifically for larger events, like GPs. For this reason, RT4 will be the first version to be updated to support (what I presume to be called) WER Premiere. Initial release support on RT4 will be focused on events like GPs, with RTools 3.2 being supported for non-networking use cases.


PlayerLink is currently having the majority of work being done on it, thanks to loosened policies and significantly increased usage. PlayerLink 1.2 will debut at two US events: Grand Prix Albuquerque and Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth. This update will integrate “PlayerLink Live”, debuted at Grand Prix Oklahoma City, and clean up the codebase significantly. Wait, PlayerLink Live?

PlayerLink Live

PlayerLink Live is a new feature for Event Extensions – instead of using RTools Network Connections to display your pairings in scrolling form from within a Chrome web browser! PlayerLink Live also enables your screens to function simultaneously as dynamic scrolling displays, as well as static event information for the rest of the round.

PlayerLink VIP

PlayerLink VIP is a method by which your VIPs can be seated in their own section of the tournament hall, all transparently and without any scorekeeper interaction! PlayerLink VIP also includes a method by which judges can translate DCI Reporter table numbers into VIP table numbers. (as match slips are the only table number which do not go through PlayerLink)