Event Extensions 4, Alpha 4a

V4 of Event Extensions (formerly Event Extensions – RTools, formerly RTools, formerly probably a couple other things…) is at a point where it could theoretically be used at an event, and I am putting it out specifically for people to try out and tell me what breaks.

The following is just a changelog off of the top of my head. Right now, I’m guess in EE4 has about 35% the same codebase as 3.2, and that value will shrink as I continue relinking the entire codebase together…

– Data models (the parts the connect to outside programs) are partially rewritten, such that they do not unnecessarily read from event files if there have been no changes made.

– Timer has been rewritten, and now positions itself “right” in the window that it is in.

– Pairings module is rewritten. Pairings should run more efficiently with this update. Note that the v4 model of scrolling is to have all information displayed on the same window per machine, irregardless of where it comes from. So, once standings are available, it may be possible to scroll both a player’s pairings and standings together.

– All communications between program and window will be happening through a communications “terminal”, which will handle both local and networked communications identically. So, local events still work identically, but networked events don’t require extra windows anymore.

Known major issues:

– The pairings window does not report it’s open tournaments quite right back to the main window. As a result, you’ll be getting internal IDs for the windows (a long string of numbers) instead of the tournament name for each window.

– The communications system throws communication errors out quite frequently right now. I’m working on figuring out what’s causing that; I think I’m just not handling some of the directional talking correctly. (i.e. a request originating from the main window works, but from the pairings window itself throws something)

– A bunch of stuff isn’t in reconnected yet.