Status update: Very early alpha builds of EE4 (which only implemented timers) were used at both Grand Prix San Antonio and Grand Prix Denver, bringing with it favorable testing and some good feedback on some of the interface changes.

I use EE here instead of RTools because they really are two different 4.0 programs. In the last couple days, in fact, I have been moving a large amount of RTools 3.3 and RTools 4.0 code into the EE4 branch. Some of these things I’ve mentioned before:

– New access objects which interface with external databases more effectively. (i.e. “EE talks with external programs better)
– Rewritten, more efficient display interfaces. (i.e. “All the windows can work faster than before)

Right now, 90% of the work I’m doing is plugging all the pieces together. The RTools 4.0 communication code (how the program talks with it’s windows and networked instances) is completely different from the EE communication code, which means a lot of little changes everywhere.

As an additional pain, some of this code is approaching two years since I last updated it, so things like basic program control has become something that I need to relearn occasionally. (for instance, this is the first time I’ve touched the tiebreaker-generating code in over a year)