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So, something killed my wordpress install, and I wasn’t really able to get time together to fix it in any form until today. So, we’re here for the time being while I get more time to re-skin this new install.

So, what’s changed since [looks]…

…ugh, it’s really been down that long? Oh well…

Name Finagling
One of the things I’ve been doing is starting some additional pieces of code which go beyond just what RTools has been. The decklist tool was an early idea of this, but now I’ve got a few other tools, and may have more coming. (the extension system idea from ~1 yr ago worked well, but I don’t really want to complicate RTools more with extensions. So, here’s the core message of changes:

  • “RTools Event Extensions” (or just “Event Extensions”) is the over-arching name of the project.
  • “EPIC” has been renamed “PlayerLink”. I live near another Epic, and confusion has occurred enough times already; plus, EPIC was more of a “let’s make a cool-sounding name” which just ended up crashing.

New Stuff

  • “Reporter Network Adapter” — RNA enables DCI Reporter v3 tournaments to be run using multiple scorekeepers.
  • “JudgeLink” — A option in PlayerLink, JudgeLink is for events where you only want your staff to be able to access the tournament information which can be uploaded to the web.

Program Updates

  • RTools is now on v.3.2.54. the .53 update was 95% rebranding and updating of some text strings in the program. The .54 update modifies the behavior of the .50 update’s warning dialog, and allows you to bypass the block at your own risk. (not all machines are affected by this bug, which still has not been fixed on the JVM side)