RTools 1.1 – “Seat All” updates.

“Seat All” is pretty much the most boring and mostly useless scrolling system good for just a couple specific occasions. (though, to be fair, a lot of the cool things this does fit that bill) For me, personally, this is the button I have pressed the least in a tournament, only using it on occasion to scroll who’s entered into the tournament, to make a last-call (and sanity check) for people to make sure they’re in the tournament.

But, with 1.1 there are a couple new things being added and moved around to make this button a bit more useful. Specifically, when you click on it with 1.1, you get a dropdown menu with different options:

“Alphabetical” – the current 1.0 “Seat All” button.
“Order-of-Entry” – in the order that the names were entered into the system.
“Random” – self-explanatory. (literally, Java has this cool easy way to sort lists by just telling it how to compare two items in the list; this sort returns a random number in that comparison)

In addition, if you are in a draft tournament, two more options show up:

“Draft – Pod Seating” – The current 1.0 “Pod Seating” button.
“Draft – Build Seating” – A seating where players in the same pod are seated away from each other. Essentially, it sorts players so that all the players in seat 1 are together, and goes up from there.

So, with this, the “Pod Seating” button is no longer needed and will be removed from the UI; the “Seat All” button is also renamed “Seating”. Note that if you work with the settings.ini file, any settings that you made with “Seat All” will need to be redone. This button, combined with the Pod Seating, will still use the same settings.ini variables.

I may also work on making these printable. There will probably also be some additional things added here before full release.