1.1.0 and the Personal Information Center – a quick look

This is from the first build of the Personal Information Center, and only has the player’s Rank, Points, Tiebreakers, and round info. We’ll see how much more tournament info I could possibly add to this; there’s a lot of things I could theoretically add easily, though the amount of usefulness is what needs to be weighed. (note – as part of the system, to get to this screen, you’d need to select the tournament that you are in, so that’s why there’s no information what this tournament is on this screen)

The one thing to say on here is that it would not be trivial to add a round clock to this screen. RTools itself was built as a very modular program, which is very useful for working on individual components, but doesn’t work very well for a situation like this. In essence, when you click a button that spawns a window, the main program sets up all the information needed into a little package and dumps it into that new window, and there’s no links back between the main window and that newly-produced window.

Now, the current settings system gets around this, so it isn’t necessarily impossible to do, but then there’s a larger issue: if I have 3 timers running for 3 events, how do I link one timer to one event? Again, there’s something in the program that looks like it does something along these lines. (the “Tournament-Specific Colors” feature) The issue is that the feature essentially rides on the settings system’s links, which only makes updates in the program when those spawned windows open and close.

So, in terms of how the program is built currently, there is are two issues: there is no current way to push updates on minor updates, (i.e. resetting the timer, stopping the timer) and there isn’t a method to link tournaments to individual timers.

Now, this isn’t saying that this can’t happen. There’s some really cool UI and network things that I’m interested in trying that would involve building a messaging system and essentially turning those individual spawned windows into clients, with the main program being the server. Cool things like remote utility invocation: be on one computer, and launch a pairings window on another computer across the room. Not something that’s very usable in most situations, but both just something cool and a chance to learn the intricacies of such a system. Plus, things like pushing round clocks can just ride on this kind of system 🙂