RTools 1.1 – What’s coming

RTools 1.1 is the first major feature update to RTools after full release, and it’s main feature addition is a connection system to a web interface. Once the program is connected, players in the tournament can utilize the web interface to access their player information for the tournament, including their rank, match history, tiebreakers, and have an additional location to find their round and pairing information.

As of June 21st, this system is functioning in personal testing via a personally-built WAMP server, and most of the work right now is just getting all sorts of cool data transferred over to be player-accessible, along with increasing the efficiency. (a 250-player tournament in round 8 requires around 2000 database calls and 3-4 minutes to upload all the needed information currently, I want to get this down to no more than 30 seconds)

The other issue is in finding a way to allow a single source for RTools to upload their information. The issue I’m trying to tackle is finding a free (or very cheap) place to store the web area and related databases. My current site runs everything I would need for this to work, but unfortunately doesn’t allow for RTools to connect into their server, instead only allowing for the connections to be made from within the server itself. So, if anyone knows of a place that I can use to make this possible, it would be great for more than just me 🙂

Depending on how successful I advance in making the system work efficiently and without hassle, beta versions may have this functionality available beginning the second week of July. Current alpha builds have the options visible, but those options will not do anything.

Note: If I can’t get a place running by early August, the web interface will be available as a download with RTools, along with the needed systems to build a database for the info, instructions on setting up a WAMP server on your local machine (it’s not hard at all), and making it easy for people to get to the computer to access their info.

RTools 1.1 has a planned release date within the second week of August.