Event Extensions

Event Extensions is a suite of programs, utilities, and resources which will augment large events in conjunction with various tournament operations software.


RTools is the original program of Event Extensions, and provides an integrated solution for generating alternate methods for your players to receive tournament information, including the web, network-connected displays and projectors, and standardized printing options.

RTools requires a computer running Windows Vista or later, with Java 1.8 or greater installed.

If you are having issues with the program being scaled oddly, please instead use Java 9 or higher. (Java 9 fixes the display issues)

Download  v.3.5.76 (Last Updated РSeptember 2018)

(3.5 removes Standings as a displayable option, changes many of the default display layouts to assume 720p/1080p displays, and improves the layout/compatibility of match result slips)

Support for Windows XP was removed with RTools v.3.4.73

Support for Java 1.7 and earlier was removed with RTools v.3.4.65

PlayerLink Online

PlayerLink Online is the online pairings, slideshow, and decklist tool used at Grand Prix and other major events throughout North America.

If you are interested in using PlayerLink Online as a SaaS information distribution tool (providing online pairings, decklist entry, and event information), please get in touch. I plan on having a store-level version of this application available in 2017.

Decklist Builder

Decklist Builder is a simple utility to drastically speed up the process of typing out decklists and eliminate mistakes. Write decklists purely with a keyboard, with card list names auto-filling.

Download v.1.0.3 (Last Updated – May 10, 2012)

Swiss Triangle

A Swiss triangle is a visualization of the distribution of records throughout a tournament. Use this to estimate the number of players who will finish at each record for determining prize distribution.

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